Bilingual double parallel fold brochure for United Way of Southern Cameron County. This informational brochure included custom infographics. 

Finished Brochure

Client: United Way of Southern Cameron County

Project Scope: Revamp their old brochure with new, relevant information. It needed to match United Way’s brand standards guide. A custom infographic needed to be created. A rough mockup was given, along with copy. The brochure was to be bilingual.

Problem: It was necessary to include both English and Spanish translations of each section. Because of how a brochure folds, the placement of the translated sections had to be strategically done. It would’ve been simpler to have one side of the paper be English and one side be Spanish, but this would not work when the brochure was folded.

Solution: I folded up a piece of paper in 1/4ths, like the brochure was to be. From there, I made notes on each panel where to include certain information. I worked with different options before settling on a double-parallel fold.