C-Side Records

A logo design for C-Side Records, the best sound in the West Sound. A brand new independently owned record store in Port Orchard, WA which sells new and used vinyl and more.

Primary Logo

Client: C-Side Records
Project Scope: Create a logo for a new locally-owned record store. The owner wanted the logo to be distorted, like a messy photocopy.
Problem: Distortion can cause readability problems, especially at small sizes. To make the logo versatile, it would have to have the shapes of a distorted copy, but have clearly defined lines.
Solution: To achieve an authentic look, a “C-SIDE” was printed out on copy paper, and then scanned. The hardcopy was moved around as the scanner was moving to create different distorted looks. The client picked their favorite, and from there I cleaned the lines up to make it presentable and scaleable. The circles were added as a nod to the round shape of a record. The brand was also heavily inspired by vintage record covers.

Original Scan

C-Side Records Logo- Horizontal version

Secondary Logo

C-Side Records Color Palette

Color Palette